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Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly allow me to introduce myself, I am Christo Jacob, business development Manager of Trivitron Healthcare Africa, based in Dubai. Trivitron Healthcare Africa established its operations in Jan 2018, since then we have had two office one each in Nairobi & Johannesburg. Please allow me to give you a better insight on Trivitron Healthcare Africa & nature of activities:

Trivitron is the name of the holding company with its corporate headquarters in Chennai (India), please visit for more details

Trivitron Healthcare Africa (THA) is a JV company between Trivitron & Investment Funds for Healthcare in Africa

The group company, Trivitron essentially generates revenue from:

  1. Manufacturing – Overall 10 facilities (India, Turkey & Finland)

  2. Radiology – Kiran (India)

  3. Laboratory – LabSystems (Finland & India)

  4. Bome – Turkey

  5. OEM manufacturing – Hitachi & BioSystems (Spain)

  6. Distribution – Direct & Through Channel Partners

  7. Trivitron Healthcare Private Limited (India)

  8. Trivitron Healthcare Middle East (UAE)

  9. Trivitron Healthcare Africa (Kenya & South Africa)

  10. Patient Services – India, UAE & South Africa

  11. Neuberg Diagnostics

  12. JV with Apollo – Dialysis & Dental Clinics

  13. Maxivision Chain of Eye Clinics

  14. Kauvery Hospital – Approx 1800 beds spread across several cities

  15. Private Equity - Investment

  16. GSK Ventures

  17. Stakeboat capital

What are the activities under THA:

  1. Distribution of in-house products

  2. Access to 3rd party manufactured products

  3. Turnkey projects

  4. Service enablers / providers – example : Outsourcing lab samples to Neuberg Diagnostics, Medical tourism to our hospital chain in India etc

I have also attached THA corporate profile with this mail.

We are seeking active channel partners who are keen to explore possible partnership to represent Trivitron in your country, I am planning a visit end of June or 2nd week of July subject to your availability.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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