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BioFIT Event

Come and join us online for the 11th edition of BioFIT, on November 29 & 30 2022!

With the highest attending rate of TTOs, research institutes and academia together with big pharma, emerging and small biotech, diagnostics companies, pre-seed / seed / Series A investors, BioFIT is the leading partnering event in Europe for technology transfer, academia-industry collaborations and early-stage innovation deals in the field of Life Sciences. BioFIT is also the European marketplace for pre-seed, seed and Series A investment in Life Sciences.


1,000+ delegates

900+ organisations

36+ countries represented

1,000 deals generated in 2021



Members benefit:

BioFIT : bf22czbio0802

  • Until March 31st: 30% discount on the “regular price”

  • Until June 30th: 20% discount on the “regular price”

  • Until October 27th: 10% discount on the “regular price”

  • Until the event: 10% discount on the “late registration price”


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