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Nabídka účasti v roli řečníka na webináři zaměřeném na mikrobiální biotechnologie

USDA ve Washingtonu DC, ve spolupráci s Agriculture and Food Systems Institute (AFSI - drive ILSI Research Foundation), plánují webinář zaměřený na mikrobiální biotechnologie. Je možnost se stát jedním z řečníku:

We are looking for individuals who have a very good understanding of the technology and have a background working in the field on microbial biotech. These could be industry, associations, scientists, academics, regulatory experts, etc.

They hope to form the steering committee by mid-May and then a seminar date will be set.

Note that the event will focus on industry, there is no public facing outreach. It will consist of a series of short seminar on various topics broken down into the themes of

  • What is microbial biotech traditionally and its potential in the future

  • how is the technology used to make food

  • how has it been traditionally regulated in terms of trade.


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