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Nabídka možnosti realizace výzkumu na mezinárodní vesmírné stanici pro členy CzechBio


Dear Pavel,

Space and the International Space Station are today accessible for commercial activities, broadening the scope of possibilities for R&D innovation for the benefit of terrestrial applications.

Many members or partners of your cluster could benefit from making use of the space environment in terms of R&D, to further understand the behaviors of organisms, fluids, materials, etc. in order to optimize their pharma or biotech solutions and/or develop new ones.

ICE Cubes Service offers the fast-track and cost-efficient opportunity to access laboratories in space for R&D. The ICE Cubes team will be here to provide complete guidance and engineering support throughout the journey, and will fully take care of the space-related processes involving space agencies.

Please check out the attached overview of the service. It briefly presents the advantages space can provide, some examples of use cases from the industry and the ICE Cubes roadmap.

If you would be interested in knowing more, please contact me at

Looking forward to taking your research on board with us!

Hilde for the ICE Cubes team


Hilde Stenuit (Ph.D.)

ICE Cubes business development

Space Applications Services - NL Office

Huygensstraat 34

Space Business Park

2201 DK Noordwijk (ZH)

The Netherlands


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