November 06, 2016

Flanders Vaccine together with Visegrad countries paving the way towards collaborative research on vaccines and immunotherapeutics

On 20-21 October 2016, the Flanders Vaccine network organised its first edition of 'Immunity for Health' conference with participation of Visegrad countries in Ghent. The event was carried out in close cooperation with the embassies of Visegrad countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. Flanders Vaccine, a platform under the Flanders Bio association, brings together more than 300 representatives from research institutes and universities (incl. the prestigious VIB – Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie), as well as large, small and medium-sized companies with focus on life sciences, specifically on vaccines development and delivery of biostatistics (gsk - GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen and Pfizer to name the best well known of them). The overarching goal of the organisation is to enable network building for the interested parties, incentivise their collaboration and stimulate innovation.

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Press release from 14 all Bio conference

Among the new EU member states, the Czech Republic belong to the elite in the bio-tech sector

Dear colleagues, a ground-breaking report has been published, assessing bio-tech industry in 12 new EU member states and also in candidate countries of Turkey and Croatia. Apart from an evaluation of the state of the bio-tech industry it also suggests ways in which the governments of the new EU and candidate states can appropriately support this sector. It also lists opportunities for 260 bio-tech companies from those 14 states.

Even though the Czech Republic is among countries with the fastest growing bio-tech industry, there is still a wide gap between it and European bio-tech powers like Switzerland or Great Britain. Its weakest spot is a lack of political continuity and unclear scopes of individual ministries in enforcing a suitable approach to supporting biotechnologies.

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June 19, 2013

Seminar Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and CzechBio

Practical experiences with ISO 13485 – Workshop 2013

20.6.2013 9:30 – 14:30, building of BioInova – Complex Academy of Sciences,
Vídeňská 1083, Prague 4 - Krč 

more informations in attachment

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On 15 April 2010 representatives of academic institutions and research facilities met with company representatives at the premises of the Biotechnological incubator INBIT at Brno-Bohunice to talk about implementing applied research projects financed by the Technological agency of the Czech Republic and the TIP programme of the Ministry of industry and trade. Materials from this meeting are available below.

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